Non Denominational


       First Church of God

​               Inverness

September - April
The Gospel Jubilee is held the last Saturday night of every month at 6:00 p.m. What a wonderful way to share your music in Christ! 
We are on Facebook! Check us out, our page is updated throughout the week with different services and the fun things that are going on! It is a great way to stay in touch. 



We are a non denominational church that believes in teaching the Bible and not just bits and pieces. We have a very loving group of people that support and care for one another not just on Sunday's but every day. Any person is welcome to join us! On Sunday's and Wednesday's we offer an exceptional children's program for all ages from infant's on up. 

Who Is Our Senior Pastor?

Pastor Dave McCane has been pastoring for 20 years or more. He is a pastor that does not just teach what you want to hear, but one who teaches what needs to be known from the Bible. 

What Do We Teach?

The First Church of God Inverness teaches the good and the bad. The in's and out's of the Bible using the whole Bible and not just the bits and pieces that sound good. Our vision is to grow more young people, leading people to the Lord. 

Questions about us?


What's Going On?